Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl?

Haven't written or done anything on the house for a couple weeks now. One I have not had the money, and two I "hit a wall" mentally. I keep seeing all the yard stuff coming out at the home stores and am itching to get outside. I even shoveled the little driveway out back yesterday just to be outside. I don't use the garage or the driveway and after the first good snow I gave up on trying to keep it clear. I drive an Honda and there is just enough room to get into the "driveway" and up to the back door. The garage? well the door is half broke, doesn't shut all the way, and full of crap from when I blew the bedroom out.
So there is my driveway story.
I bought a gallon of the complimentary color to the amber stone paint that I put on the walls in the front room today. It is Dutch boy B5-4 (I bought Bear this time) or fondly known in the painting circles as Almond Paste. Paste, doesn't that sound like something you put on a cracker? or that terrible feeling you have in your mouth the morning after drinking to much? My teeth are all pasty.

Friday at work some folks were talking about the Super Bowl as happening today, totally clueless. I have not sat and watched one game this year and when the Bears fell out I stopped paying attention. I had to go look and see who was actually playing today. Now how is that for tunning everything out? a game that 1 Billion people see and I, being an all american boy from the midwest, had no clue who is even playing?

Oh good news came my way Friday, I was approved for my loan on the house. Gotta love the VA. Here is a couple other good side notes. The apprasial came back good, $99,900. which is more than I am paying for the place. The owner is also going to pay for the electrical to be redone throughout the house at closing, and, the VA will allow up to $6000 to be added to the loan for insulating pruposes. I got a quote and asked to have all the basement windows replaced and the attic insulated. Approved!
Now if I can just stem the flow of water this spring, and get some gutters on the house, all will be rosey in La Salle. Speaking of roses, I am going to plant some of them to.

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