Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Water World

Really I am looking forward to getting the rest of the old pipes replaced this weekend. I only have a few more to replace and then I can forget about drinking and bathing in rusty dirty water. Actually while I am at it I will get a whole house filter installed and plumb for a softener. After seeing what was in the cold water pipes, and thinking that if I was going to be running a washing machine I should find some motivation and get the hot side replaced.
Still waiting for the electrical contractor to show up. The last conversation was he is still hung up on another job and waiting to finish that first. I can respect that, I wouldn't want him to ditch me until my job was finished. But until the electrical is done I can't finish the laundry room and I still have to haul my dirites over to my moms. I know she is getting tired of me hogging her washer and dryer.

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