Monday, February 23, 2009

What the ???........

When it gets late at night I have a tendency to wander around the house and find things wrong ( so I know what I am going to be doing as a ghost after I die, wander, the house). Sometimes I just can't sleep and my mind is racing ahead about what needs to be done. Am I the only one that does this? I mean I turn on the SciFi channel and watch reruns of Star Trek or what ever. HGTV gets a bit old and redundant. Dirty Harry movies are good but when you start to mouth the dialog you know you have seen the movies just one to many times. But then again, I know the dialog of some of the Star Trek episodes.
So back to my wanderings. I was strolling through the kitchen and looked up on the wall to where a hard wired clock used to be. I took off the plate and saw a small screw above the box. The screw kind of fell out. Big whole, small screw. What do you do to make the screw fit? Well you take white yarn and wrap it around the screw until you have made the screw thick enough to fit the hole of course!! The second pic is of the screw. Too funny.
Honey! this screw is to small! you have any of that yarn laying around that I can use to thicken this thing up?! Ah! perfect!

As I am perusing the handy work of the PO, I looked over at the cabinets. Now I know what your are thinking, Man those are really cool looking cabinets! I wonder where I could get some tack paper that will stick to the wood better than any epoxy. Oh and the pattern! ohh Oooo! how can I get a country look like that?
I know, I know, I am the envy of the neighborhood and get many comments on the kitchen decor'. But what I wanted to point out is the perfect warping of the doors. To me it adds to the ambiance.

And the large cracks that have formed along the ceiling? That was a surprise discovery, I followed it into the small halway and could see where a PO had patched the plaster in the past. On the bright side? they are not new and just part of the house.

Should a recite a few lines of the Breakfast club?
Clair? thats a fat girls name!
no its not! its a family name!
Well you may not be fat now, but after you push out a few kids, you will be fat.

How about Ferris Bullers Day Off?
Abe Froman? the sausage king of Chicago?

Maybe some Blues Brothers............................

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