Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The lull before the insulation

Tomorrow the contractor is suppose to come over and get some insulation in the attic. I don't really care when he does it just so he does do it. I have been waiting for over a month to get this ball rolling, slowly but at least it is moving forward. Not sure why he wants to do the insulation first and then the wiring, I think it all has to do with not having the money upfront to buy the materials but that is ok, I know the family and and I do not think there is anything nefarious afoot. I just want it done. I really can't get some of my other projects done until the wiring is done. My laundry room has been at a stand still for over a week. Until the dryer and washer are wired I cannot put up the wall panels and get this room done!
Really I want to see if the heating bill goes down in the next month or so before it starts to warm up and I turn the furnace off for good this year.

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