Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shiver me timbers

Well the insulation is in! Below are a few images
I want to share this website with you all

You can type in any phrase and it will convert it to pirate talk! Har!!!

The first pic is through the porthole into the attic and the next is of the new insulation. What was installed before was non existent.

I came home tonight and kicked the furnace up a notch, and in about two minutes all the vents in the house started to vibrate something crazy! I ran down to the basement and the furnace was doing the vibration dance. I kicked off the main switch and opened up the front and felt the exhaust motor, very hot! I checked on the Internet and some of the boards said to turn off the electricity for 5 + minutes and try again. I left the house for an hour and came back, flipped the switch and it was making a worse noise than before. I let my fingers do the walking and called a repair guy, they wanted $140 just to come look tonight or $75 in the morning. I choose to bundle up tonight and gut it out until the morning. Either way it is going to cost me. Time off from work or pay tonight. Guess I'll burn a vacation day.

Isn't the joys of home ownership great? Love it! Love it! Love it!

So if I haven't started a chimney fire with burning some wood to try and cut the chill in the house Sugar and I will make it through the night. I am so glad that the weather broke today and it hasn't been as cold as the past few days, otherwise I would be a miserable mate and down right grumpy.

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