Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cold water

Finished the cold water plumbing to the water heater. I also re-plumbed the cold water line to the kitchen sink, and hooked up the water line to the washing machine connect. I only did the cold water side today. I really just didn't feel like redoing the hot and the rest of the house. I also found that the valve to turn off the city water leaks and left a pretty good sized puddle on the floor last night. Guess I will have to call the city and how much that is going to cost me to get that valve fixed.
Most of the piping was galvanized and copper mix. I just could not believe the black crap that poured out of the pipes as I cut them down. I wouldn't call it rust, more like sludge. The copper pipe had a whitish yellow bunch of shite come out of them when I cut them down. It is no wonder the water tastes so bad here. I also wonder what the clothes looked like after a time of washing when the PO had the place. I had thought that maybe I should put a whole house filter on the main line but in hindsight, that would not have done any good. The crap was coming from (and still is) inside the house and old pipes.
But at least the water coming into the house is in new lines. After yesterday and today, I feel a bit more confident with the whole water thing. I still hate it, but as soon as I get the galvanized pipe out of the house and in the trash maybe the water will taste better.
There is a water softener on the horizon though.

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