Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well my droogies The 454 House is mine! I had an epiphany that I will be 73 years old before it is paid off. So for the first item on my 30 year plan is to pay off the money pit.
Now on a serious note. Did you know that there is a credit out there from the government that is if you have not owned a house in the last 3 years, and purchased a home between April 08' and July 09' you are eligible for this credit of $7500 that can be paid back over 15 years ($500 a year) with (and get this) no interest!! Oh, and you have to make less than Ninety some thousand a year.
Is that cool or what?! Don't ask me anymore details than what I wrote here. Talk to a tax person and ask them. My brother does my taxes and he taking a looksee for me.

With the closing, I am getting the electrical done through out the whole house and the insulation blown in the attic. The bank wouldn't go for replacing the basement windows.

My first project for this weekend? Crack a cold one and watch the snow melt.

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