Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh my gawd!

This one has to fall under one of the most bizarre and wildest purchases I have ever had. I walked into Sears and asked to see the cheapest washer and dryer set they sell. I knew from looking online that they had a Kenmore for around $350 or so each for a washer and dryer. So the polite sales girl shows me the dryer, and I happen to look over at the next aisle and see this Kenmore Elite steam dryer sitting there (an H5 I might add, whatever that means). As she is talking up the cheaper dryer I felt drawn over to the Elite series dryer, nay beckoned by the dryer. Now here is a dryer that lists for $1599.00 yes that is fifteen hundred dollars!

I about fell over when I saw it. Then I looked closer at the tag. I wear glasses and my prescription is fairly current so I really don't have to many issues seeing but I just couldn't believe what I saw on the tag. $319!!!! Exactly! I about fell over!
Now the nice sales girl realized that I wasn't standing next to her anymore and she wandered over to where I was bracing myself against the partition, I asked her if the tag was listing the correct price, $319? for a $1599 (list) dryer.
Yes sir, she said. Oh wow! when I was working Sunday, they had a tag that listed the dryer for $600, they must have just changed the tag. Sir I didn't show you this dryer because you said you didn't want to spend more than $350 and I thought it was still $600.
Hey that's ok, I said. But seriously, is that price correct?, Yes she said, no really what is the catch? is that price correct? It was a floor model she chimed in and I guess they have new models coming out so they want to get rid of it.
I think I asked her 4 times if the tag was correct. Needless to say I thought about it for another 30 seconds and whipped out the debit card to pay for the dryer. As I was doing that, I was looking over my shoulder to see if security was coming to take me away for stealing.
I am still in shock, no scratches (if it did who cares?) no dings, nothing but the full 1 year warranty and all the parts and pieces that one needs to hook it up. Is that wild or what?! I was so jazzed I had to call my brother, then my sister to let them know what just happened.
When I called my brother I asked him about the $7500 credit that I heard about last week. He did some research and found out that I qualified for the credit and filled an addendum to my return. I should be receiving a check (yes a check from the government) in a month or so. Interest free, and $500 a year for a payback of 15 years. As long as my normal income tax return is over $500 a year, I won't have to pay any extra money out of pocket. The IRS will just take the money from my normal yearly return refund.
I'm getting a new bathroom! I'm getting a new bathroom! and a kitchen!! Today was a wild day! Crazy!
Seriously, I think I can get both rooms done for around that price and do all the work myself.
Someone pinch me!

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