Friday, February 20, 2009

Another plumbing exercise

Here is tonight's latest plumbing exercise. In the first pic I cut the main line coming from the city into the house. I added a shutoff valve coming off the copper line and then made a 90 degree turn, added a whole house filter then ran the line down the wall to and back up again. This was done for a future plumb of a water softener. So far no leaks.

I wanted to share some pics from work. I got a new workstation today and this thing is HUGE! almost like a piece of furniture that is how big it is. The box is so big it needs a special pedestal to keep it upright. I guess Dell figured it is so heavy that they didn't want it falling over and crush your feet or lower extremity. I really am embarrassed by how large it is. I run allot of programs and virtual machines for testing etc. So I was just trying to get something that was beefy and run everything that I need. For all you geeks out there here is the run down on the specs:
2 GHZ quad four processor, 4 GB ram, 256 meg Nvida video card, DVI dual monitors 26" and a 22", and a bunch of other crap that I don't remember right now.
The last picture is of my playroom. This is our data center with all the stuff that keeps our business and customers business's going even in a "down economy". I am pretty proud of my playroom and am a fascist when it come to anyone wanting to go into or make changes. Kind of funny I even have the owners of the company trained well enough that they don't move a chair without asking me.

OK, that's enough of my boasting for the night.
Tomorrow, I will finish the hot water plumbing and update later.
I did forget that I bought a Kenmore washing machine today at lunch. I think I got away with spending only $350 for the cheapest model they have. Bummer that I can't get it until next week. So I have a $1600 dryer (see my earlier post about the dryer) and a $350 washer. Talk about a mismatch!

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