Saturday, February 7, 2009

A butt load

Here is the rule, it takes ten butt loads to equal one shit load. So I only have a butt load of pictures today.
Here was my thought, take the room under the kitchen and make it a laundry room. So's off I go this morning cleaning things up and found the bottom plate to this wall was GONE! Like it wasn't even there. The first two images are of the bottom of the wall. I didn't really want to blow this wall out but did it anyway. Cool pile of crap huh?
I couldn't save anything as the wood literally splintered as I tried to take it off the "wall" Where did I put all the debris? Well in the garage of course!
I bought a 5 gal. bucket of Dry Lock and painted the cement for the "just in case" scenario of water coming in this end of the house.
Here is a question for all: At what point does a dust mask reach the end of its life?
You tell me. On the left, dirtay, on the right, new.
I have to take a moment and thank Beth and her husband Rob for meeting me at Menards with their truck and helping me bring home some 2x4's and other "stuff" You guys are truly AWESOME! and great people!
These are the pics of the room getting framed out.

I went to look for a replacement window but could not find any at the stores. The window(s) are such an odd size (30x23, WxH) that I will have to order what I need to replace all the basement windows. I did find one that would fit, but I really didn't want to be outside in the mud, mucking around trying to get the window to fit in the waning sunlight.

And the last pic? Well, Sugar of course! Lounging on the bed. How can you get mad at total cuteness laying on your bed?

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