Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am bloody knackard

Just plain tired. Been a busy weekend with working on the room downstairs.
I did get the door casing back on going into the kitchen. I think I made a pretty good choice with the wall color and wood work. Of course that is my opinion and I have to live with it, right?

Here are some updated pics of the laundry room. I plumbed the waste water and put the box up for the hot/cold water. I am still on the fence on what to use for the water piping. I looked at CPVC, but I really like the flexability of PEX, it is a bit more expensive but I am looking at having to redo the whole house eventually and not having to mess with glue and all the damn elbow joints ect. sounds like a good deal to me. We'll see what the budget has to say about the whole thing.
I am adding a deep sink, and have left room for a water softener.

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