Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pre shower

Well it happened again, I thought that I would do some due diligence and disconnect the last of the old water connection from where the washing machine used to be. You know where I am going with this? Yep all I had to do was screw in a galvanized plug into the end of the old pipe and whala! I'm am so done. NOT! as I am tightening things up, another piece of pipe broke, drenching me again with rusty water.
This time I didn't stand and admire the water fall coming out of the end of the 3/4" pipe but bolted to the end of the basement and turned off the main from the city. After I ventured back to the break, I had a pause and realized that I was on total auto pilot running for the main shutoff. I guess those catlike reflexes that I gained from my previous military training I had years ago finally paid for itself. Now this should make you all feel better that your tax dollars did go for some good training.
Here is what I found after drying myself off (actually I dripped dried) the older CPVC is so brittle that I can break a piece in half with my hands (again another example of my fine fitness thanks to the military). Crazy. Needless to say I spent a good chunk of my washing machine money replumbing again.
After all that, I was able to to take my real shower.

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