Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Update

Big bummer today, I sat down to type this and the lid on my laptop finally broke clean trhough on the right side.
I only added two more pictures to the slide show today. I mostly finished hanging the last of the drywall, one or two of the last of the hardwood paneling and the first of the tape and mud. I am finally seeing some progress after a week of feeling like I was spinning my wheeels. I think I will pretty much get close to finished (sans the trim) by the end of the this weekend. I am hoping to move in, or at least sleep there before the weekend is out.
On the agenda for this weekend are: as far as completing projects:

Sand drywall and apply second coat of mud if needed.
Prime drywall before painting.
Apply veritcal wood trim on to the hardwood paneling.
Counter sink all nail heads and fill with putty.
Stain all wood.
Apply coat of urethane.
and anything else that I forgot tonight and needs to be done.

For some reason I cannot get the the project tracker (located on the right side of the page) So I guess I will have to work on that this weekend also.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have added some pictures of the bedroom that I started to rehab. There is a slide show at the bottom of the page that I will add pictures as I take them.
By clicking on a picture in the slide show it will bring up a bigger picture with comments listed below.

When I started in the bedroom my intent was to strip the base boards and door casings in place and just paint the walls. Well with any project I start I end up poking around and get deeper into the a project than I originally intend. I found that in the 70's (I am guessing) someone put cheap paneling up to cover over the wall paper and plaster, then another previous owner added some knock down over top the paneling and painted it.

I noticed some bulging in the paneling under the windows, this is where the "poking around" comes into play, I peeled the paneling back some to remove the fallen plaster from behind. Who ever installed the paneling never glued the paneling up and just used more nails and more nails to keep the bulging at bay. Well this is where I found the mold growing and where the "poking around" transitioned into a demolition and restore. I pulled all the old paneling off and broke out all the moldy plaster and vacuumed the dust up as best I could. So now what?

A friend found this picture and suggested I do the same style but a bit different.

What I am attempting to do is instead of painting the wood panels I installed is to stain and seal them with a poly urethane (satin finish). Above the picture rail I will paint up to the ceiling with Sherwin-Williams Arts & Crafts paint series. The folks over at the Humphrey-House website gave me the idea for the color pallet.
Being on a budget I took the color pallet to Home Depot and they matched the color (Indian White SW 0035) perfectly and saved me $10 per gallon using the Bear brand. I left the ceiling white ( I did repaint, and loath popcorn ceilings) so as not to make it totally look like a cave with all the dark wood. That is the intent anyway.
All the base boards and door casings have been removed and relocated to the basement for stripping, re-staining and finishing. I am sure this will be a few days at least getting just those boards redone.
Keep tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On a roll here tonight, I was googling on Arts & Crafts interiors and ran across this house in Chicago These folks are rehabing a A&C house and have kept a diary of their adventures. Check out the website and subscribe to their blog. They have some pretty cool stuff and links listed on the site.

A New Start

Well I had a totally random opportunity fall in my lap last week. Without going into much detail I was able to land the most awesome house to rent (to me) in the northern hemisphere. I found a Mission Style/Arts and Crafts house that is about 90 years old, in pretty good shape for a beauty that old. The owner is allowing me to rehab and rent to own! So anyhow, I am going to use this forum to chronicle my adventures in remodelling an house.
What are my qualifications? Officially? I am a network administrator for a medium sized printing company in the North Central Illinois. I actually have rehabbed a house for a girlfriend a few years ago and thats is where I got the bug. Many years ago I had the chance to learn from a true master craftsman that lived next to my grandmother, the stuff that guy could do with hand tools was fantastic. He was the kind of guy that had powertools but always used his old hand tools to do the job once, right, and make it long lasting. There are still two houses that he built with his father 50 + years ago that are still standing and are a testiment to his craftsmanship.
I didnt know it at the time but he built in the Mission/Craftsman style and stuck to that until his death. I remember he built me a bedroom in my grandmothers (grams) basement when I was a teenager. He drilled holes in the concrete with and old bit & brace then filled each of the holes with lead (kind of looked like steel wool) , then drove a nail through the studs into the lead filled holes. that was 30 years ago. Those studs are still holding strong to that floor today. He never used a nail gun on any project.
I was able to watch Elmer (yes that was his name) for the better part of my life and picked up alot of what he did just by watching and "being in the way" Ummm helping.

So on with the show!