Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have added some pictures of the bedroom that I started to rehab. There is a slide show at the bottom of the page that I will add pictures as I take them.
By clicking on a picture in the slide show it will bring up a bigger picture with comments listed below.

When I started in the bedroom my intent was to strip the base boards and door casings in place and just paint the walls. Well with any project I start I end up poking around and get deeper into the a project than I originally intend. I found that in the 70's (I am guessing) someone put cheap paneling up to cover over the wall paper and plaster, then another previous owner added some knock down over top the paneling and painted it.

I noticed some bulging in the paneling under the windows, this is where the "poking around" comes into play, I peeled the paneling back some to remove the fallen plaster from behind. Who ever installed the paneling never glued the paneling up and just used more nails and more nails to keep the bulging at bay. Well this is where I found the mold growing and where the "poking around" transitioned into a demolition and restore. I pulled all the old paneling off and broke out all the moldy plaster and vacuumed the dust up as best I could. So now what?

A friend found this picture and suggested I do the same style but a bit different.

What I am attempting to do is instead of painting the wood panels I installed is to stain and seal them with a poly urethane (satin finish). Above the picture rail I will paint up to the ceiling with Sherwin-Williams Arts & Crafts paint series. The folks over at the Humphrey-House website gave me the idea for the color pallet.
Being on a budget I took the color pallet to Home Depot and they matched the color (Indian White SW 0035) perfectly and saved me $10 per gallon using the Bear brand. I left the ceiling white ( I did repaint, and loath popcorn ceilings) so as not to make it totally look like a cave with all the dark wood. That is the intent anyway.
All the base boards and door casings have been removed and relocated to the basement for stripping, re-staining and finishing. I am sure this will be a few days at least getting just those boards redone.
Keep tuned for more updates.