Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Update

Big bummer today, I sat down to type this and the lid on my laptop finally broke clean trhough on the right side.
I only added two more pictures to the slide show today. I mostly finished hanging the last of the drywall, one or two of the last of the hardwood paneling and the first of the tape and mud. I am finally seeing some progress after a week of feeling like I was spinning my wheeels. I think I will pretty much get close to finished (sans the trim) by the end of the this weekend. I am hoping to move in, or at least sleep there before the weekend is out.
On the agenda for this weekend are: as far as completing projects:

Sand drywall and apply second coat of mud if needed.
Prime drywall before painting.
Apply veritcal wood trim on to the hardwood paneling.
Counter sink all nail heads and fill with putty.
Stain all wood.
Apply coat of urethane.
and anything else that I forgot tonight and needs to be done.

For some reason I cannot get the the project tracker (located on the right side of the page) So I guess I will have to work on that this weekend also.