Saturday, November 1, 2008


Wow, what a evening! the weather has been great here and I was able to open the windows and let the dust out of the house while I sanded the paneling and the drywall. I think I got most of the things on my punch list near complete or finished. I was even able to clean out the second bedroom closet and get it painted. Surprisingly the walls are in good condition (should have taken a picture). A PO splattered some knockdown on maybe what looks like painted wall paper. In a perfect world I should have stripped it down and hung drywall over the old plaster. But in my world the paper and knockdown are in good shape and only one tiny part was pealing in the corner of the ceiling. I was able to re-stick it back up with a dalb of adheasive and paint over it.

Counter sunk all the the brads that I used to tack the paneling up to the wall, filled in with putty and sanded everything down with my trusty sander. I really had to be carefull not to let the sander sit on the wood to long for fear of burning through the top layer ply.

Sanded all the drywall and reapplied mud on some of the areas that needed a bit more.

I purchased a gallon of Minwax Early American stain and a gallon of of Minwax Polycrylic Satin finish. I am not sure if I am going to spray it on with my compressor ( the polycrylic) or brush it on with a foam brush. I have had good luck in the past with both methods.

Thats it for tonight