Monday, November 24, 2008

I think I got em'

I painted most of the basement stairway tonight. Most being the oprative word, I really hate trimming and having basically twelve feet above my head to the ceiling and just the landing to place a ladder on I didn't feel like balancing over the stairs to reach the corners.
I have spent the last few days vacuming cobwebs in the basement and think that a: it was never done by the past few PO's or b: there is one stealth spider that has been squirting her webs all over the damn place. But I think I got em! about the size of a head of a pin and brown (be my luck it was a brown recluse) yep, I painted right over that sucker and felt good about it too! So it is in the paint for future PO's
I finished the picture rail in the bedroom tonight. I'll post a picture later.

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