Saturday, November 15, 2008

Does it always tingle after your first time? Or step away from the sander

So I sluffed down to the basement this morning and started to sand the last prices of window trim, they looked horrible and I almost decided the the other night that I was going to throw them out and and try and buy some replacements. But after consulting my checkbook it was agreed upon that I should at least try and save a few dollars and give the sander a go.

Now I have a Porter Cable palm sander that his given me a few good years of use. But it will not keep the damn paper in place and after a few minutes the paper is flopping around and pissing me off. So much I felt like giving it a fast pitch across the room. But taking a few deep breaths, a few Ti Chi moves and a yoga stretch or two I reached for this Black and Decker kinda large vibrating sander that I tried a while back. This thing works like a champ! and uses less sand paper. So I am blasting through all the trim like a breeze stop the sander and my hands are still vibrating, so much so I take a break and 15 mins. later they are still vibrating.

So anyway, my hands are vibrating and I start to tackle the bedroom door. Whatever was used as a sealer was sure a pain to get off, this is even after I used stripper on the thing. But my trusty B&D plowed trough it without complaint.

I setup a "clean" room in the next room over in the basement so I can stain and finish in one room and still have the sander kicking up the dust in the other room. I put some plastic over the door to keep the dusties out.

Found another cool discovery today.

I know its kinda hard to read but the PO lady of the house had taken inventory of her canned goods. One is listed as 1945 and the other 1944. One lists how many cans of tomato's, plums, peaches etc. The first pic, you can see where she had crossed off the number of cans as she used them. When I first caught the writting out of the coner of my eye, I thought it was just measurements someone wrote down when they were making the shelves.

As a last note I painted the kitchen "closet" pantry this evening. Not to exciting but it needed it pretty bad. This is also where you can access the attic, which I haven't really mustered the courage to take a peek at yet.
Oh! I almost forgot! I was thinking of running some CAT 5 data cables into each room but again consulting my checkbook and thinking more about it I deceided that staying wireless is much easier and cheaper. I was able to tuck the cable modem and wireless router in an old upright 1920's radio that I have in the corner. Out of sight and out of mind, and I can get back into some serious X-Box again.

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