Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hope all my blog followers had a good day and didn't eat to much. Of course I know everyone does.

Haven't done to much the last couple days. Last night all I did was add weather stripping to the back door and a bottom door sweep. The cold air was just pouring through the bottom like a sieve. I think I need to add more around the bottom, seems as though the door is kind of warped. I walked around the basement last night with a can of spray foam and filled in just about every orifice I could find and then some. I also had another look at the absolutely poor excuse for plumbing fixes that were done over the years along with the gas plumbing. Don't get me wrong, they are all very functional, just not up to my anal view of neat, tidy and easy to trace.

Today I tried to get the bedroom door up but I had cleaned the wrong set of hinges, so I threw in the towel and just decided to just play X-Box and work out some aggression and maybe tomorrow I will attempt again. I still have to work on the door casings and maybe get those done before the weekend is out. Then onto the closet door and the casings.

The door opening between the living room and the kitchen is missing a door. You can see the hardware left from when a PO took the oringinal out. There are two, five panel doors in the basment that are in good shape (painted green I might add), the only thing I need to do is measure the door opening and see if they will fit.

The pic above is just an example and not my doorway.
I love the idea of having a swinging door between the two rooms. Not that I am a big entertainer (or an entertainer at all) but the cool-ness factor cannot be overlooked. I was also looking at maybe adding a small butlers pantry in the closet off the kitchen. I think that it was at one time just such a place. Currently it has been used just as a mop closet and access to the attic. I still haven't mustered the courage to take a look up there for fear it may just cost my money. I cannot imagine there is one shred of insulation and don't really want to know right now if there isn't.
Speaking of Butler pantries, I found this video below showing butler pantries and all the cool stuff cabinet manufacturers want you to buy.

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