Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Update

What a day! I pretty much accomplished everything I set out to do, the only thing I did not get done was the urethane finish, although I did get the room stained, and painted.

The picture below is the first panel I did. My hands were to full of stain to get a shot of the whole room, and didn't want to get the phone camera all trashed with sticky stained hands.

I'm not sure if you can see the seam in the picture to the left but this was my first attempt at taping and mudding. As you may or may not see in the image, I did a crappy job. I was pretty lucky in that I only had 3 seams to tape and the other 2 turned out OK. I think also having the bright light shinning on the wall makes it stand out more.

The last picture is of my baby, she isn't to sure of the new house thing yet and absolutely hates the wood floors and on top of that she needs a bath. I guess she is getting a bit more comfortable cause to she took a poop in the yard today ( is that TMI?).

The other pictures have been added to the slide show below.