Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well I have most everything moved into the house today, furnace turned on and a Pine Mountain Jumbo size 4 hr burning press wood log flickering in the fireplace. The PO left 2 of them in the fireplace and I thought I would see if I could smoke the house out. But I caught a break and the flue opened fine. No birds or raccoons got into the house so the chimney is drawing fine. These logs are an absolute waste. All they do is suck oxygen out of the room and put out no heat. But I am stuck with it for a couple more hours.
Last night I was working out of the basement and took some garbage out the back door. As soon as I let go of the handle I knew I was in trouble. I locked myself out. No keys, no phone, no nothing, but a dunb-assed look on my face. To top it all off, the weather changed Friday and it was about 30 something degrees outside with a good stiff wind blowing. And! I had no coat on. So, what to do. I checked all the windows, locked tighter than a bulls ass. I grabbed a large rock and proceeded to wail on the window. Now, let me tell you this was no movie where a guys walks up to a door and just gives the window a quick rap and the pane breaks, oh hell no! I wailed on this window 4 times and never left a chip in the glass.
Again, I am 6'2" and 225lbs and I could not break this damn glass! with a large rock in my hand. All I managed to do was make alot of noise beating on that door.

So I go next door and roust the the neighbor up, interrupted her movie and popcorn ( I could smell it) and asked for a screwdriver. Back over to the 454 house cusing, I was able to pull the trim off around the window. But so you think that damn glass would come out? My hands where turning numb and Mr. Schmeko was so shrivled up that I could feel him retreating deeper into my body cavitiy to stay warm. Back to the window, I finally was able to get the screwdriver under the pane, but it would slide back on me everytime it came to the edge of the frame, I was about having enough of this and being cold and tired I hooked the corner of the pane, and what the rock couldn't do I craked the corner of the glass, took the window out and reached in the door. Ahhh heat! Felt pretty bad about the glass and having to sacrifice a 90 year old pane for my stupidity.
Thats it for this weekend.