Monday, January 26, 2009

Ear ache

Ok, so here is the deal. My ear hurts and I can't hear a damn thing. Is this house related? of sorts. My sisters dad (we are a nuclear family, ok?) well he is 86, Bronze Star awarded for battle, and was involved in 3 major battles in Europe, Battle of The Bulge, The Rhur River Valley and a third, that eludes me. Something french and in a valley.

His house burnt down a few weeks back and he was left with nothing but what he was wearing that afternoon. So my sister came home from Texas to help get him squared away this weekend. So I drive north about an hour from my home and forgot my damn stocking hat, a balmy 7 degrees out all day and I was moving stuff from house to car, to house again. I have had this shivering thing going on for about 4 weeks now, where no matter how many layers of clothes I have on I still cannot get warm (maybe it is that 40 lbs weight loss I endured the last 4 mos?) I sit at work with long johns, and four long sleeve T-shirts and a coat! I work in doors in a cubicle in front of a computer all day. If I have to go into the data center the cold hurts.

So we got everything moved and settled in and my ear hurts. One for the team.

I think I found the craftsman that worked on this craftsman where drunk the day they roughed out this door. They used multiple pieces of 2x4's to finish out the frame (see above).
Now for the bummer part of the blog, but as the title says "an old house rehabbing me" I have been going through a breakup with "my girl" for the past few months, absolutely beautiful person, and I have nothing bad to say and she is still the love of my life. So having said that.......I want to thank Beth my sister, Greg my brother and Bethany from work for listening to me sob and cry the past few weeks. This has been a very difficult time and I think the future is going to be ok. I can see the sun again (I just wish it was warmer) and with the help of my counselor and the love I have been shown by my friends and family I want to thank all. And for Kim, I love you always, don't ever forget that.
Kim brought out a passion in me after we met and I haven't been able to stop since, that is writing. I never sat down and wrote anything that was legible let alone made any sense. Most would still find the way I write pretty amateurish anyway but it helps get the cobwebs out of my head and think things through as to what the next step will be.
There is a good book that I was given called Rebuilding by Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti, even if you are not having relationship difficulties it is worth the $17 just for the education of relationship building. And as I am writing this, Caddy Shack is just ending and Kenny Loggins is singing, " I'm alright" very fitting!
Bummer part over.
Have a good night all!

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