Thursday, January 15, 2009

How you know its cold outside

Why? it is -34 degrees outside and 70 degrees in the house. That is 104 degrees difference. It physically hurts to go outside. How do those intrepid folks in North Dakota do it every year?

Question for all my droogies:
How do you know your in an old house?

You furnace cycles every 5 mins to keep the place a nice balmy 65 .
You can feel half of next months paycheck go up the chimney.
You know your paycheck is gone and you haven't earned it yet.
The dog looks at you like your crazy when you tell her to go out and pee.
The basement windows are frozen over - on the inside.
When you turn on the faucet to brush your teeth, the water is so cold the fillings in your head feel like they are driving themselves through your jaw.
As you walk from one room the next, your heavily socked feet can still feel the temperature difference.
The old knob and post wiring worries you so much about the amperage draw that you won't plug in an electric blanket for your bed to warm it up.
The closet floor in your bedroom is as cold as it is outside. ( You think I am kidding? I have dirty clothes piled against the door to keep the draft out.)
Thats is for tonight. Stay warm.

Didn't do anything on the house tonight, I just logged on to bitch about the weather.

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