Monday, January 19, 2009


Not house related, but home related. Sugar had a seizure Saturday night, actually Sunday morning. So the weekend was kind of a bummer. Poor girl. She is such a good dog and to see her go through something like that really sucks, totally broke my heart. I laid with her on the floor a while and then about 2:30 in the morning I took her into the bedroom and let her sleep with me on the bed the rest of the night. Very strange, we had a pretty laid back day so there wasn't anything stress full that I exposed her to. She was just laying there, I was talking to her and bam! she had a look of total panic and a "dad please help me!" then she got the shakes and went rigid. So I am wondering if she hasn't had more during the past nights, because she really hasn't been eating to much. I don't leave her alone and take her to "grand ma's" while I am at work or go someplace where I just can't take her. Other than that she is always with someone and watched except at night when she sleeps in front of the fireplace. I guess a trip to the the vet is due, maybe we can get her on some medication.

Just an update for those rabid followers of mine. It looks like I got the leaks stopped in the basement foundation. The cold weather helped with stemming the flow. So if there is a good reason for below zero weather, stopping the leaks is good reason. Now I am bracing for the gas bill.

Comments, for whatever reason. I do have comments turned on for this blog but they just don't seem to be working. I am thinking it is the template I am using. Not being very patient when it comes to software applications and being more of a hardware guy, I have to take trying to fix the comments in doses. At the top right of the page is my profile information and if you begin to feel warm, tingly, and the overwhelming urge to email me you can. Be nice though, I am sensitive. (hehehe)

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