Sunday, January 4, 2009


Did allot of sanding this weekend on the door casements for the front room. I also stripped all the trim I pulled out a week or so ago. I put some shelf brackets on the wall in the basement to stack all the boards after I finished stripping all the paint. It helps keep the boards off the floor and from under foot.
When stripping these particular boards I found there was 3 layers of paint plus the original stain and varnish. Someone painted a "tan" color. This looked like a heavy enamel and I mean heavy! not only was it thick I am almost certain it was a lead based paint. The second coat was a lovely coat of Forest Green color. Horrible pukey color. The last was a flat white that flaked right off. I had to strip each board 3 times because of the tan "base" that just would not lift off the boards. When I picked up the paper and striped off paint it must have weighed over 20 lbs.

I also did some finger painting with some hydraulic cement on one wall that was leaking last week after the quick thaw and rain we had here, turned out ok. I hope it stops the leaking.
Sugar was pretty lethargic yesterday and I think she actually had a doggie virus or something. She slept hard all after noon curled up so I wrapped her up in a blanket and she barley moved and stayed like a babushka the rest of the night. Today she seems fine and was running around the park like she was on fire.

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