Monday, December 29, 2008

Blue Monday

Called around today and got quotes on replacing my windshield, not as bad as I thought but $222 is still allot in my book. So I am going to have it replaced in the morning.
I did my last round of the appliance stores today and am in the same holding pattern as I was yesterday. I mean the best deal I can find is at Home Depot right now. I checked everywhere online Lowes, Sears, etc but HD is so far the best. The only thing is I am not to sure of the Maytag brand. I know it isn't what it used to be as far as quality. But like anything else there is good and bad in everything.
What I think I am going to do is just buy a plainer, and a small fridge. I got to costing out the stripper and as much as I am going to be using I can buy a plainer for $200 and really cut down on the stripping and sanding. You should see the pile of baseboard trim that needs to be redone. And I am not including the trim that is still attached to the walls and around the doors. I will still have to do the crown by hand though.

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