Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ok, so I head over to Home Depot in my car to get some bead board or wainscoting to go on the walls for the porch. Not owning a truck, I thought that if they cut the 4x8's in half I could squeeze them into the back of the car. Know where I am going with this? So it is raining, cold, and the wind blowing hard enogh that the American Flag over the store was blowing straight out. And of course nothing fit. So I am standing there looking stupid trying to think who had a truck, and after a few phone calls I cajoled a co-worker into letting me use his truck.
So here is a shot of the first pieces I installed:

And here is a shot after priming:

Now being on a strict budget, I took a 8' length of 1x4 clear pine board that I had left over from the bedroom project, then ran the router and cut a bead down the edge. After making the router cuts, I put the wood on the circular saw and made a few more cuts.
I will admit that it took me a good 90 mins. to decide how to cut, and where to cut the wood before I got what I wanted. So don't get the impression that I really knew what I was doing. Most of the time I don't.

And this is the final product(sorry that I got my fat fingers in the picture). I am sure most folks would just by some chair rail and slap it up there, but being cheap and unconventional I did it my way.
I also had a contractor come over today and give me an estimate on replacing the wiring, shoot some insulation in the attic, and replace the basement windows. Roughly $6000, but I won't have a hard copy estimate until next week.

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