Friday, December 5, 2008

Prancer? Dancer? Donner? Blitzen? Rudolf???

No this is my apprentice or aka Princess Sugar getting ready for Christmas. My mom found these antlers in her Christmas "stuff" today and stuck them on Sugar when I stopped by after work.

There is a small back story to this. Sugar gets dropped off every morning at Grand Ma's house and picked up every night after work. So what those two (Mom and Sugar) get into through out the day is known only to them. Mom never said a word when I walked in and it took a few minutes to see Sugar sitting there looking like; "what the hell is going on?" and "please help me" Then, when I wanted a picture, the forlorn look turned into; oh! oh! ok this is cool, my chest is getting scratched, oh yea! what fake antlers? oh yeah! Dad what are you doing here?

She is such good sport and will do or tolerate anything for attention. She is a groovy dog.

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