Thursday, December 4, 2008

It is so cold

Well I think the winter grip has finally taken hold. Suppose to be around 17 degrees tonight. I mustered the courage and looked into the attic tonight, not as bad as I thought but not great either. There is a little bit of insulation, about 2 inches thick laying up there that looks almost like a mix of sawdust and blow-in type of insulation. Never seen anything like that before. There was also LOTS of knob and post wiring also. More than I thought, which is a bummer.
The cool thing is that there is alot of space up there. So maybe someday if I want to expand the upstairs there is space to have a good size room, nothing fancy but a good size open space. When I first stuck my head up, I saw where there used to be some sort of stove vent (oh and more freak'n cob webs) , galvanized metal that was taken off at the header level. So I am sure there is still a good amount of the vent still left in the wall.

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