Thursday, December 11, 2008

'The' Inspection

Well I haven't really done to much at all this week. Between work and other life duties there hasn't been to much time. And honestly my motivation factor has been low on doing anything around the house. I did have a house inspector come in yesterday and give the old place a good once over and overall, there was and wasn't any real surprises at his findings.
The roof is good.
The insulation isn't.
The wiring sucks, all knob and tube with some half-assed upgrades.
The chimney is not the best, but for being 80 + years old, pretty good shape. The inspector did suggest a qualified chimney person come and look and give a professional opinion.
The foundation is in good shape, some leakage, but repairable.
Good furnace.
Good A/C.
Good windows.
Good water heater.
So overall not bad and nothing that is going to kill the deal or the budget. I talked to the owner last night and she seemed agreeable in getting the wiring upgraded. So I am hoping that everything works out and no outside influences kill the deal.

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