Monday, December 8, 2008

Cue the theme to cops......

So I was sitting here Friday night and I kept seeing lights flash, I thought what the heck is going on? So I got off my butt and looked out the window, and saw 4 cops cars blocking the street and a guy and his "buddy" at gun point. Now I have no idea what was going on and there was no gun shots. Normally the neighborhood is very quiet and an "older" area of town, older meaning older home owners. So there isn't to much action that happens around here.
Look I live alone and really have nothing else to do but work on the house and feed the dog. Oh and take pictures of potential felons getting cuffed.

I did paint the the front "sun porch" and did some prepping for when I get the bead board installed. Mostly just painted the trim that is already in place and went to Home Depot and priced out the trim that I will be adding later. My mom gave me a plant for the "sun porch" even though it isn't finished.

I finished the the platform for the basement shower.
Now the front right side is missing a piece, so remember that I built the entire thing out of spare pressure treat lumber that I had. So maybe someday I will find a piece that will fit. I did stand on the platform and it is good and solid, and will keep my feet from the cold cement if I ever have to use it. I am not sure how my young apprentice is going to take to it yet, but it can be lifted up and out of the way if she is not into standing on the slats.

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