Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More frozen precipitation

It is snowing again today, nothing heavy just enough to make things crappy out and about the right amount to make me push the shovel around the what seems like half the block.

So I haven't done to much the last few days. Last night I couldn't sleep so a started to work on Sugars spa.

So here is the spa she uses and she is particular on how it is kept up. But since she hasn't been in the basement in a few days and I use the area to clean my paint brushes, I thought I should clean it up a bit.
So I started to do a bit of fixing up late last night. Here is what I started:
I just ripped some 2x6's (pressure treated) that I had left over from a previous project. I think it is gonna work out pretty good and if I ever have to use the shower in the basement my tender feet won't get cold and my apprentice will like her new spa area.

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