Monday, December 1, 2008


Well we got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and last night. Of course, being as though almost all the villages and municipalities blew their salt budgets last year for this year most of the roads are frozen over and pretty nasty right now. Funny I am watching the History Channel and they are talking about? salt? A whooping 95% of all salt in the US ends up on the roads and the rust it causes to cars? $115 million dollars a year, or $115 per car, and we as a society consume 15 lbs per person per year.

So I descended into the basement and got the first coat of poly on the door casings after dinner tonight, I grabbed a can of spray foam and filled in more holes and when I turned around the first coat was dry to the touch. So what I am saying is it is real dry in the house right now.

Ok so I needed to take a small wallpaper border off the wall, here is the tool that I used
What it does is score the paper (nice wallpaper huh?) Then you take liquid fabric softener, any brand you like but I prefer the cheap kind and spray it over the wallpaper. I use straight fabric softener, not diluted and let it sit for 5 -10 minutes then using a putty knife the wet wallpaper literaly falls off .
This is the final view after the paper is off.
Make sure you score the paper well with your tool, this allows the softener to penetrate more effectively and get behind the glue. If the paper is not totally wet when you go to scrape it off you need to spray more softener and let it sit. I will tell you that what ever you buy at the home improvement store that bills itself as wall paper remover is either fabric softener or has the same ingredients as fabric softener. So hit up Walmart and buy a generic bottle of fabric softener and save some time and money.

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