Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Change

Boy did I forget about this one! Slept solid all night and ended up an hour behind. The rain has been coming down pretty good all night and the basement started to weep again.
I was heading out this morning to do some shopping and I noticed that in the pouring rain none of the down spouts had any water flowing out of them, and water spilling over the top of the gutters. So back to the house, out in the garage, get the ladder and up to the roof.
Now all Friday and Saturday night I kept hearing water splashing on the ground, I thought maybe it was just raining hard and hitting the neighbors patio. Houses are close in this neighborhood and my bedroom window is all of 1o ft from the patio.
As I reach the top of the ladder and look down the gutter line I see all are 3/4 full of leaves and crap. I had thought that the gutters where undersized when I looked at them first but they are plenty big enough when they aren't full of decomposing leaves and who knows what else. As the rain is pouring down I got all the junk out and the down spouts are happly flowing now! Now I just need to get the other half of the house guttered (is that a word?) and the water away.

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