Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even more rain

The weather seems to be to subject around this area allot. I think that there is just not that much going on in peoples lives that the weather is a unifying experience. Hawaii and the Indian Ocean are the only two places I have been in this world that weather doesn't come in conversation. Why? it never changes! always the same. In Illinois? it changes, of course in Texas it always changes.
There is my segway for this post, weather. Rain and more rain and the basement is leaking. Some time back in the day drains were put in the basement floor, good idea and money well spent. But in my "clean" room it has been the scene of the most water activity. It flows out the door and under the wall, which I am sure the bottom sill is rotted out. I am looking at the floor and you can see where the "they" ran the tiles for the drains. In pic 1 you can see the line the tile runs.
I really got tired of vacuuming the water up and started looking this evening and thought I would break out the drill and masonry bit and doing some exploratory drilling. Right on! I hit the clay tile first penetration!(ha ha, he said penetration). So the more holes the better right? I drilled a little farther into the room and just hit concrete. And where I put in my impromptu drain was the end of the tile. But it did the job and sucked the water right down.

This is a picture of where one of the electricians stepped on the ceiling and fell through a bit. Not a big deal but I have a hole where there wasn't before.

Poor Sugar, she got a bath last night was bouncing around and acting fine. We went outside to go pee and she just froze up and stood there looking at me. Seizure again, She made it back to the front door and laid down. I coaxed her into the house and onto the bed for the evening, I wish there was something I could do for her. Today? she is fine, being Sugar. She does have the cuteness thing down don't she?

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