Sunday, March 22, 2009

First weekend of Spring

I am going to start again with weather, but after months of zero temperatures I have to keep crowing about the beautiful weather we have been having again. But I spent most of the weekend in the house sanding, stripping, pulling door casings, and painting. Well I did clean the house and do laundry.
I took some advice from a friend and decided to try something different. I had originally planned to pull all the crown moulding down and just replace it with something different/new but Beth suggested that I keep the crown painted. I took a piece of the door casings that I just re-did late Friday night into the store and had them run the color match for a gallon of paint. It really turned out pretty good and I painted the bit of crown in the entryway.

The last two images are of the door casings and door frame that I completed and reinstalled Saturday. I am digging the color combination of the frames and the Butterscotch Candy color of the walls.

My great friend (Beth) who works at Home Depot pulled a rabbit out of the hat and totally came through on a kitchen design that has just blown me away! I wish I had a scanner so I could get them (the print outs) online for you all to see. It is quite fantastic and she put allot of thought into the whole presentation. I am REALLY jazzed and can't wait to someday get that project started! She basically took a look at the kitchen, a color swatch from the Craftsman period, threw in some glass tile back splash, shaker style cabinets, bead board and BAM! came up with an awesome layout. Very cool Beth! thanks! Really, I am stoked about it all.
The best for last. I discovered a new energy food, most would say junk food. These little chocolate jems come wrapped individually and in a box of 12. What am I rambling about? Hostess Ding Dongs of course! I got a craving the other night watching TV and had to have a sugar fix that left me in a trance for something sweet. I was cruising the aisle at the local grocery store, you know one of those little mom and pop places that try to carry everything?
All the aisles are just jammed with a lots of bits of all kinds of products and it drives you crazy trying to find what you are looking for. Come on, you know there is a store near you that is just like I am talking about. Everyone knows everyone and the beer and wine is located in aisle one just as you walk in the front door?
So I am perusing the energy food aisle and felt these little boxes beckoning me to the end cap on aisle 7, Scott! I heard them say. That was it, I came home and gorged myself, sat and ate 6 in a row! I had a pile of empty wrappers all over the couch when I was finished? well damit! I felt good about it afterwards! Not an ounce of guilt.
So your sitting there asking yourself ( I know you are) how can a grown man eat 6 Ding Dongs and not weigh 800 lbs? I don't' know either but that question fall in the same category as to, why have I lost almost 50 lbs in the last few months without trying? One of those mysterious things in the world that science has yet to solve.
I do have to add that the quality control Hostess has for these little hockey pucks is fantastic! I am on box number two now and they all have the same great chocolaty taste as the first one I opened a week ago!
How is that for a bizzare rant? Hostess Ding Dongs!

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