Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy bee, worky work

I have been feeling like crap the last couple of days and downed a shot of NyQuil and promptly passed out in bed at 8 pm last night. Of course the consequence of NyQil is that I was up at 6 am this morning listening to the rain fall on the roof. And still feeling like crap.
Sugar was being a shit and would not come out of the bedroom because it was thundering and so I just left her there in the room and went down to the basement to survey the damage the electricians had left.
They pretty much left me in a tight one this weekend. No lights, except in the bathroom and bedroom. All the outlets are wired up and I could plug in a lamp or two if I had one. So here I sit watching Terminator 3 and typing in the dark.
I have had these glass block sliding around in the trunk for about a week now and decided I should get them in the house. So there in begins my day. I am looking at the old window thought this would be a pretty quick little project.
Well it wasn't quick, but it was easy.
You buy the blocks for the space needed and then they have a kit to install. Menards had a buy one get one free sale the week I bought the blocks. What I needed to do first was to take the old sill out and replace with a piece of pressure treated wood. There wasn't anything really wrong with the old sill, it needed paint bad and the sill had a angle cut sloping away to keep the water off. Putting the blocks on top of this would have left me with a leaning tower of glass Pisa.
The "kit" comes with plastic tracks that the blocks sit on top of, then on each end there are stainless steel "L" brackets that snap in to the tracks and screw into the wood sill. Between each block you slide a precut 8" section of track and then add another block. On top of each course you screw another plastic track to hold the last down and then slide your next course of blocks on, add the spacers and continue until the hole is filled.
When you get all your blocks laid out, you fill in the voids with silicon caulk.
The kit comes with one tube of silicon caulk, I bought 5 extra tubes on a whim and glad I did. I used all but one to finish off the project. No cement, no nothing, just plastic tracks and caulk. I was pretty liberal with the caulk and filled in all the voids I could find.
I almost forgot, I added a dryer vent also. That is what the white blob in the corner. I was pretty skeptical of the whole process, but after the caulk firmed up and dried, it turned out very solid.
I will never buy this crap again. That is all I am going to say about the stuff.
I only added two more panels today before I got pissed and called it quits.

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