Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 55

Day 55 at sea, still no sign of land, running low on water and food..................
Not really, but the electricians are still not finished. I am sitting here in the dark eating Triscuits, string cheese and watching Ghost Hunters on TV. Kind of dumb huh? At least when I wake up from nightmares tonight the cheese will keep me bound up enough and not have the shit scare out of me.
I came home at lunch and the kitchen was a total disaster with wires hanging and out everywhere and all kinds of debris all over the floor. In defence of the electricians they did clean up pretty good by the time I came home after work. But I still feel that it will be the end of the week before things are totally done.
Next project? Back to sanding I guess.
Oh I did turn off the damn Ghost Hunters, it was creeping my out, that and Sugar started dreaming and growling in her sleep.

Here is a bit of boasting again, and has nothing to do with home restoration. I made the local newspaper today I think you need to register to read the entire article. But to summarize my employer is a participant in the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve and supports those of us that served and are serving in the Reserves and Guard. Pretty cool program, but the biggest thing is it educates employers on the law as it pertains to their employees and being called up for active duty. It also gives us guys a big sign of relief to know we still have a job to come back to after dodging IED's and bullets for 12-15 months at a pop.
Thanks LKCS! a good company to work for if I say so myself!

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