Thursday, March 19, 2009

I bought some heat

The neat thing about re-doing an old house is some of the new toys you get to buy. I have been looking at a heat gun for a few months and finally busted loose with the HUGE tax refund I got from the state of Illinois. A whole $45! but at least I didn't have to pay this year so I can't complain. Haven't tried it yet but it looks cool and I hope that it helps with some of the paint stripping that I have been neglecting. It really sucks doing but I try to keep telling myself that in the end it will look nice and the next owners will more than likely paint over it all again because (in a Betty Rubble voice) "white looks so clean!"
I had the electricians save me some of the "cool" electrical pieces that they took out of the house when the re-wiring was completed. The first is of a switch (pic 2 is a bit better) that was used for turning on the lights when I went to go squeeze my fat arse up the hole into the attic. The three other parts are for a light socket.

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