Thursday, March 5, 2009


Just a short update. The electricians said they ran into some problems getting the new wires installed in the kitchen and spent most of the day putzing around in that room. They are going to try and wrap things up sometime Friday but may have to come back Monday. All I know is that this house is a total wreak and everything is covered in 80 year old dust. I woke up Tuesday night with a bloody nose and my sinuses are killing me. I don't blame the guys, I think it is just the combination of the insulation blown in, the change in weather, and the dust being kicked up from shaking everything loose. Combine with the house being closed up tight because of the cold weather and my overly efficient furnace recycling all the particles around.
Really, don't get me wrong I am not bitching. Just trying to rationalize it in my brain. I know smoking has NOTHING to do with my sinuses being in a state of aggravation.
I did get the windows open for most of the day today and I am hoping that some of that crap gets blown out.

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