Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and grandmothers out there.
Yesterday was my birthday and I treated myself to a FULL day of paint balling, I love the game! I only play woodsball and get a real kick out of stalking, hunting and popping a full load of paintballs into my quarry. Of course the opposite is true. I was hit hard with paintballs and today I have the bruises to prove it. But it is all in fun and at the end of the day friends and foes alike shake hands, slap backs and laugh about this shot or that shot or the one I took in the head.

The team I played on won the game for points and allot of people won some good prizes. It was my day and winning topped it all off.

Worked a bit more over the past few days on the kitchen ceiling. Made some good progress and applied three coats of high gloss on the panels and trim. I was also able to find 3 pendant lights are wired up and working. There are actually green glass globes on the ends but the CFL bulbs caused a big glow in pictures.

And below is the final product without the lights gowing, trim all attached and unbelievably everything lined up and is square. I still need another coat of paint on it but essentially it is done.
Now onto the walls.