Saturday, May 2, 2009


Started today by doing the lawn and getting that done and out of the way. Thank goodness for having a small yard.
It was one of those days that was just to nice to be in the house, but the kitchen was calling and if I didn't get in there it will never get done.
Although Sugar means well, and not having opposable thumbs it is hard for her to hold the nail gun while I hold the panels up. So that leaves all the grunt work to me. The first pic is of the initial couple of panels I put up, I went with an alternating pattern, with a total of 6 panels running opposite of each other. When I get the trim up it will all tie in together and look pretty cool.
This was pretty tough work, measure, cut, dry fit the panel, trim, put adhesive on the back, place the panel, hold the nail gun and the panel at the same time all at 9 ft in the air. I know I am going to feel it in my neck and back come Tuesday.

The second image is what I found under the ceiling fan when I removed it from the box, a pretty pattern of wall paper that was later just covered over with popcorn ceiling spray on.

The last is of the first panel installed in the refrigerator corner.

Every panel I have had to carry into the basement, sand lightly to get the fuzzies off and then prime. Haul the sheets upstairs hoping I cut things correctly and install. There just isn't room in the upstairs to work with the wood, and knowing my luck if I had setup shop outside it would have rained. So I just did the stair master all day long. The good thing? I am going to have an ass that is solid as a rock from all the up and down the steps and ladder all weekend! Who said there isn't perks from home rehabbing? Buns of steel baby!

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