Sunday, May 3, 2009


Fastened trim and caulked most of the kitchen ceiling today. Oh I did do loads of laundry in between and did some cleaning. This place is a pigsty from all the dust floating around and Sugar has been adding to the ghost turds by starting to shed the rest of her winter fur coat.

Here is a picture of the picture of the center light piece that I am fabricating for the kitchen ceiling.

The next picture is of the "cleat" that I fastened to the ceiling. I still need to get some lolly bolts or butterfly bolts into the 4 corners to help hold the entire contraption up, I predrilled holes into the 4 corners before running a couple of drywall screws to temporarily hold things up . I thought of prefabricating (we will just call it the box from now on) the box downstairs (in the basement)but after thinking about it for a few seconds the thought of then trying to lift and hold it all to the ceiling while simultaneously attempting to fasten everything upside down and over my head, a big NO WAY! crossed my mind (actually I had a few choice words that a Sailor uses in almost every sentence used in daily conversation).

The next image is of the pieces I have laid out and and have dry fit together, I still need to cut a few more chunks of wood and trim to get it all together first, and then hump it all upstairs for a final install.
I cut groves on the inside of the side pieces so I can slide 1/4" plywood into the center. once that is in place, I will fasten some trim to make it look purdy. The box is basically 60" x 16" and sectioned off like the picture above with 3 pendant lights hanging down. So a 1 foot square on each end and a 3 foot rectangle in the center. Make sense?

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