Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whoo Hooo!!

I finally got the floor all in. Now there still needs to be grout applied but the hard part is all done.
Maezie started to paint the nook with the Carmel Latte (Behr brand) on the walls and white on the ceiling. Here is a few pics with the first coat.

Next are a few pics of the first of many tiles to be laid.

Here are a few pics of the original floor. From what I can tell the original flooring was poured in as one solid piece with the base boards as part of the install. It is like a terrazzo type material that was stained colors as you can see in the pics. I broke a few pieces (long story, but I took a chisel and hammer to the base boards) and it looks like there is sawdust in the mix and you can see the color in the layers. There were 2 layers of linoleum that came up very easy (thank goodness!) and wala! the terrazzo! I had a thought of trying to "save" the original flooring but a small winged troll with a large flat shovel flew by my head and slapped me up one side and down the other until I had a thought of not really restoring the original and just put down the new tile.
I haven't found anyone that can really explain what the "tile" is/was but my moms neighbor (after explaining) said years ago it was a pretty nice floor and it had a nice glossy finish. Other than that, nothing for what it is.
The actual grid pattern is from dirt that sifted down between the linoleum over the years and not the actual origianl tile.

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