Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life Interupted

Well, life interrupted (Life Interrupted was actually a movie) this week in the house improvement arena. I did get the floor of the kitchen grouted Wednesday night and the floor took a whole bag of grout, needless to say I ran out of the fine sanded product and still have a few areas that need some touch up. Mostly along one wall in the nook.

The below pic doesn't show the grout. I choose a color that is real close to the tile itself.

I was called into work Saturday and spent the whole day trying to figure out why our new $40,000 SAN's (Storage Area Network) would not sync with each other. Not a good thing if you are trying to run high availability virtual servers. I never did figure it out and our consultant had to bail and head back to Virginia. So that was a whole day lost to the home improvement saga. Honestly, I sat and looked at YouTube videos while Andy (my consultant) did all the work. I was mostly just there for security and to make sure he didn't steal the building. Saturday was one of those days you spend thinking about why you took a salary job instead of an hourly wage. Then you realize that getting an hour for lunch everyday just makes it all worth while in the end.

Maezie finished painting the nook with a second coat while I did yard work, cleaned up the basement and swept all the sawdust, did some picking up and rearranged all the piles of wood and door trim that had accumulated in piles down in the dungeon. Oh and a shit load of laundry. How does one guy make so many dirty clothes? Still haven't figured that one out yet.

I also pulled the vinyl from the two steps leading down to the basement and also off the landing. I had to take a chisel and hammer to get the vinyl off and took me about an hour to do two steps alone. Maezie wanted me to start to install the new tile on the steps, or at least cut the tiles to fit before I started the mortar mixing. I was just to damn tired to even start and decided to clean up and get ready for dinner.
I did get a call Saturday when I was trying to stay awake (working, I mean working) and my cabinets will be at the front door Friday morning! whoo hoo!!

And what is a 454 House blog post without a few pics of Sugar, being her usual self, cute!

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