Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The back steps

I did, well I started tiling the back steps tonight. I got about half way through and did a quick count of tile in my head then realized that I did not have enough to finish the steps and the landing. Here I am an hour away from the nearest Lowe's and only need 4 more tiles. Big bummer! Oh and then I went to open the back door and found that the door will only open about 2/3's of the way open before the floor catches on some piece of old metal weather strip that goes along the bottom. Another big bummer. I kind of fudged the last pieces and hopefully I will be the only one that will see the "bummers" I left behind.
I was looking at my blog account information and realized that I have posted over 100 entries in the past few months. Quite a milestone I guess in what started out to be nothing more than ramblings and over exuberance of starting a total restore of "my" own house.
I have one home under my belt in refurbing but that was a total gut job and I didn't have much say so in what was going to be done on the inside. I was just what turned out to be the free help and took me 5 years to get it through my head that the house and the relationship was going no where. But that is a WHOLE nuther story, and I did learn allot from both parts of that episode in my life.

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