Sunday, June 28, 2009

Doggie Dreams

As I sit here watching Sugar twitch during one of her doggie dreams and watching a cool movie called Mutant Chronicles on the SciFi channel I ache all over. Yesterday I cut down all the lilac bushes in the corner of the yard and made a nice pile for the city to come pick up everything up, actually I made two piles that turned out to be quite large, each.
Now everyone wants to know why I cut the bushes down. Well let me break it down for you all: They were old, actually some had rot down the center of the limbs.
Every time I backed out of the little driveway I always felt as though I was going to plow into the bunch of the with the back of the car.
They were blocking the view as other residents tried to pull out into the street as they came down the ally.
And finally, it is my yard and I can do what ever I want! (LOL).

I also raked, and shoveled up "most" of the white marble chips/rocks that the PO had put down for landscaping.
About a month ago I was watching the neighbors across the street dig out all of their white rocks, wash them and put them back. I watched this for a better part of a couple of hours and decided to walk over and introduce myself. I met Brenda and George, nice couple with two kids. After I cozied up to their dog (which George tells me later that I was the first stranger that their dog didn't go after.). So after Cujo and I sniffed each other for a few minutes I asked Brenda and George if they were thinking about getting more rocks. George says yep and I was ready to make a deal.
I told B & G that I would give them my rocks and haul them across the street if they would take what I had off my hands. Deal done. So I moved 5 wheel barrels full and dropped them on the sidewalk.
You still with me? Lilac bushes, white rocks? I head over to Maezies house and cut down 3 trees and trimmed back a few other that were hanging over the sidewalk. I left a pile of wood and limbs about 8 ft high and another 8 x 8 in width and depth. The biggest was an old mulberry bush that grew 25 ft up-out and turned into a tree with a dozen trunks. After I cut that bad boy down, I discovered that there was actually a house behind the tree and that is where her neighbors kept coming from and disappearing to. Needless to say I was totally baked by the end of the day.
I told Maezie that I think I have physically worked harder the last 10 years of my life than the previous 34. Some where I got the dealusion that as you got older you are suppose to work less. Not so with older houses huh? Never give you a break, needy bastards!

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