Monday, June 8, 2009

Kitchen blu's

I get a call Thursday morning from the cabinet company asking if they could deliver a day early? I was caught off guard a bit and rushed home at lunch and waited for the truck. My street is only a block long and very narrow. You really cannot have a car parked on opposite sides of each other and still get a fart through.
Most people park their cars partially on the sidewalks, or over the sidewalks just to allow the other cars to get past. There are also a few houses that do not have garages at all or anywhere in the alley to park. So having painted that pretty parking picture I was expecting a panel van, or a medium sized truck.
I am sitting in the front room watching Airport 73', now there is a classic movie. Starring Moses, (Charolton Heston) crossed eyed Karen Black, a very young and pre jail house shower nude scene Linda Blair that needed a liver transplant and looked curiously not jaundice. Jerry Stiller, who was drunk, passed out and slept through the whole movie only to wake up at the end. Red Buttons always looked like he was ready to do something stupid and look crossed at the camera (Karen Black had a lock on that already). And many more "stars" that are to numerous to mention. Check your Netflix que and rent this classic gem of a movie.
But I digress, down the street came a 60 ft long semi and trailer winding its way to my end of the block. Could not believe that they actually got through the gauntlet without crushing a Kia Spectra in its path.
The delivery guys where pretty cool and unloaded everything in no time flat. The driver was telling me they had a delivery a few days before to a house that had, and get this, 86 cabinets! Can you imagine a house big enough that would take that many cabinets?
Below are a few pics of the sink cabinet going in. How I measured and actually got the holes cut for the hot and cold water pipes on the first try is beyond me. I messed up up cutting for the sewer. So that is how I got the "second" hole in the corner. I saved the plug and will just hot glue that sucker back in, put a bottle of cleaner over the top and never see it again.

Some of the uppers installed.

And again, some of my apprentice doing a cursory quality check on my work
And after a hard day doing QA, Sugar "chillin and waiting to do some grillin"

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