Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Counter Tops

Finally had the counter tops delivered and installed today. They turned out pretty good.
All I have is a camera phone and the images are pretty shitty, sorry about that. I went through a local guy that is actually part of a franchise called Kitchen Solvers. Marty did a great job and was in and out in about 1 1/2 hours. I can't say that they (Kitchen Solvers) are the cheapest, actually he came in on the high end but I didnt have to deal with cutting a hole for the sink, or mess with the out of square corners on the walls. So, for me, it was worth the few extra dollars to have someone else make the mistakes. I did check Home Depot, and Menards on pricing and like I said Menards came in way below, but just didn't give a shit about after the sale service. Buy it or "what ever".

This is a shot of the plumbing after I got the sink reinstalled. The next pic is just a shot of the cabinet that might be sitting to high and not allow the crown to fit properly. I don't know yet will have to see how things pan out this weekend when I put it all together.
Sugar doing what she does best.
Found some pics on my phone that I took Fathers Day weekend after a storm blew through. Although the pictures don't do justice to the way the colors were just jumping out of the clouds. It was about 8 pm when I took these out on a farm north of where I live. Man it was quiet out there.
The first thought that struck me was in the winter the wind and snow must blow through here with a vengence. But it was quiet.

Here are a few shots of my nephew stuffing his face the weekend that my sister came back for a visit. He was getting ready to cry cause mom left the room.

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