Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kitchen Marathon

Maezie and I did a marathon on the kitchen this weekend starting Friday night after work and ending tonight. Friday we worked until 2 AM and got up early Saturday and worked all day again until 10. Got some sleep went to church, back at it again until dinner. Exhausted is the only adjective that comes to mind right now. I did get all the laundry done, and mow the yard today also. Maezie is a trooper and I really, really, really appreciate all the help, But if she thinks she is going to use MY kitchen she has another thing coming. Ok maybe she can use the kichen a little bit.
Here are a few pics from Saturday. Pic 3 is just blue board (green board) on the wall where the stove is going to be installed with glass tile on the wall up to the ceiling.

Below is one of THE best tools that I have ever used when it comes to doing fine trimming. There were a few (actually more than a few) places that I needed to do some fine cuts on the trim work. It beats working upside down, on a ceiling trying to make fine cuts with a box saw.
This little do-dad rotates 3 degrees side to side and has a speed control on the handle. It literally cuts wood like butter. It also does sanding and acts like a chisel, but I haven't tried those attachments yet. Saved alto of time, I mean alot of time and headaches.

Pic 1 is some of the trim cutting that I had to do. Although the picture does not do justice, the first coat of the Ruskin Room Green went on today.
A shot of the tile with the wall paint. And finally just a few shots of the rest of the room.
That's all I have for this evening, just to tired to really put sentences together.

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